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It’s like X-Ray vision for Salesforce Operations

Salesforce Automations make your platform fast and powerful, but they also create dangerous blind spots in your Org. Job Center is designed to elevate the visibility of your most critical automations and code, eliminating your blind spots and giving you the power to respond faster and avoid lost time.


Auto Capture

Catch every unhandled Salesforce error automatically.

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Flow Monitor

Use Drag and Drop components to enhance Flow visibility.

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Apex Easy Log

A robust logging library for even the most complex code.

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Intelligent Archive

Choose which data you keep and for how long.

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Inbound Messaging

Surface issues with integrations and external systems.

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Real-Time Notification

Escalate monitor outcomes to anyone, across multiple channels.

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Eliminate Your Blind Spots.

Monitoring your Salesforce Flows and Apex code has never been easier!

Step 1:
Create Monitor

Step 2:
Add Content

Step 3:
Save Time!

  • Quickly create new monitors with our guided setup tool. Control user notifications and data storage & archival in three easy steps.
  • Add as little or as much logging as needed with drag and drop components or with powerful code snippets. The choices are endless.
  • Leverage Status Monitor and Live Stream tools to find  and execute details faster.  Respond to questions and issues as they happen.
  • Monitors automatically deploy to new environments with the automations they are watching. No additional work is necessary.

Automation Stories

Capture Successes and Failures as They Happen

  • Track every single execution of monitored processes
  • Take complete control over story content and logs
  • Errors are documented and escalated automatically
  • Monitor status, results, and risk for everything at once


Real-Time Escalations

Scale your Salesforce Response Team

  • Go beyond architects and admins. Escalate issues to any user and leverage best fit expertise and knowledge
  • Deliver the details that responders need to take action
  • Choose notification preferences with a simple interface.  Change any time.

Cross-Environment Visibility

Monitor critical processes in every environment, 24/7

  • Works in all Salesforce Orgs, no additional configuration
  • Stories captured for every process execution
  • No advanced admin privileges are necessary
  • Search past executions with Intelligent Archive ™

Ready to Reduce Issue Research Times by 50% - 70%?

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Before Job Center, everything came through my team. Now, super users can triage employee issues and solve many of them without creating IT tickets.”

Director, Enterprise Architecture
National Field Service Organization

“Thank you, Job Center. This level of information is incredible!”

Salesforce Admin / Developer
Midwest Community College

“Job Center is my secret weapon for reviewing user support tickets. If a record or process result looks out of place, I use Job Center to find out why.”

CRM Business Analyst
Quality Team

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