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How Does it Help?

Every day, Salesforce takes thousands of critical actions on your behalf, with almost no visibility.
Batch jobs, triggers, and automations are executed behind the scenes and out of site from users and admins.
Breakdowns and damages from errors are discovered too late and recovery frustrates product teams and users.


Job Center monitors background processes automatically, notifies stakeholders of breakdowns,
and escalates risks that would normally get missed.

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Real-Time Tracking
Capture successes and failures as they happen.

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Risk Protection
Identify at risk code and avoid future breakdowns.

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Live Team Updates
Keep stakeholders informed, with the latest information.

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Centralized Tools
Monitor and Reasearch with no Complicated Debug Setup

"I LOVE the Weekly Job Center digest. If I have a job that lost a team member or needs a code review, it tells me right away. That saves a lot of maintenance time."
Ryan | Salesforce Team Lead
"I don't even know how many times the Auto-Restart has saved us from disaster. I don't think we could live without it!"
Eric | Platform Director
"I used to have to chase IT all over the place to get a clear answer on when our data sync job would be repaired. Now I can follow the progress, and I get automatic updates from the team! Thank you, Job Center!"
Sales Manager

Smart Job Technology™

Our proprietary platform combines execution, monitoring, communications, and auditing into a managed process that executes your code flawlessly, every time.

Simple to Use

Change Your Life in 30 Seconds

The Smart Job Framework is designed to let developers convert existing job code in just a few clicks. Job Center features and tracking kick in with the very next run.
Simple to Use
Powerful Features

Powerful Features

Get More out of your Code. Automatically.

Without a single line of code, your jobs will already be packed with powerful capabilities. Automatic restarts...Custom logging...User Communications. It's all baked into every job.
Powerful Features

Easy to Administrate

Get to the Heart of the Matter

Administrators can easily locate a broken job, review the logs and the job results, identify the right developers to bring into the conversation, and communicate updates to users in real time.
Easy to Administrate
Compliant and Traceable

Compliant and Traceable

You Can't do THAT Today!

Job Center automatically tracks every single execution of every single Job, creating a detailed audit trail that helps companies document Job history and identify future risks.
Compliant and Traceable

How Does It Work?

Whenever a Queueable, Batchable, or Schedulable job is run (that’s Salesforce lingo), Job Center registers the execution and tracks progress and results. Simple administration tools give you access to control assigned Team Members, Job Execution, History Tracking, and Long-Term Performance.

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Job Center Alerts, Cases, and Chatter support let administrators and users collaborate in real time

Advanced Management Tools give administrators the ability make Smart Job™ Updates in one Click.

Job Center’ Platform Jobs Monitor confirms the health and status of all platform jobs at the same time!

Job Center Live Stream gives you one single view of your job run history and all job results and logs.

Why Job Center?

Your Administrators, Developers, and Users will all love Job Center. There are so many reasons to get it now.
Here are some of our favorites!

Safer Platform

  • Monitor all job status and risk levels at once
  • Audit individual job run logs
  • Escalate non-compliant job code classes
  • Job scoring and improvement recommendations
  • Managed product review lifecycles

Better Code

  • Auto-Restart on job failure
  • Research and debug code faster with advance logging
  • Jobs register themselves, automatically
  • One-Click job bypass
  • 90-Second legacy job conversion

Happier Customers

  • Team and stakeholder communication management
  • Auto-Restarts mean shorter down times
  • Post progress updates to stakeholders all at once
  • Job cases capture user requests and track issue resolution
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