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It’s like X-Ray vision for Salesforce Operations

Salesforce Automations make your platform fast and powerful, but they also create dangerous blind spots in your Org. Job Center is designed to elevate the visibility of your most critical automations and code, eliminating your blind spots and giving you the power to respond faster and avoid lost time.


Auto Capture

Catch every unhandled Salesforce error automatically

Seriously…Every One. No matter how much we try to avoid it, unexpected situations and imperfect data challenges still arise, causing unexpected errors, surfacing bugs, and causing pain to Salesforce users and teams. With Auto Capture, unhandled errors are captured and tracked automatically, making identification and resolution easier and faster.

  • Track Apex errors and stack trace details in any environment
  • Capture Flow errors and all the logical choices and data values that lead up to the issue
  • Define the team members who will be notified of new issues, so they can respond quickly

Flow Monitoring

Use Drag and Drop components to enhance Flow visibility

Building Flows is easy. Tracking their behavior is hard. If you need to know when a flow ran, what decisions it made, or what data was involved, we can help. Whether you’re auditing a critical process or tracking down a pesky error, Job Center can make visibility as easy as drag and drop.

  • Report errors, warnings, and outcomes with simple components
  • Create multi-line stories that paint the whole picture
  • Automatically surrounding record values when issues occur

Apex Easy Log

Create customized log content that tracks the details you need

Knowledge is for everyone. Go beyond System.debug() and spread the love. Logging is historically for developers and analysts, but just imagine what your super users could do with that right information at their fingertips. Job Center captures Apex processing details and organizes them into an automation history that is easily understood by developers and users alike. Getting details into the right hands faster means less frustration and wasted time.

  • String multiple parent and child logs into a single story
  • Associate logs with individual data records
  • Track Asynchronous Apex as individual or aggregate stories

Intelligent Archive

Choose which monitoring data you keep and for how long

There’s a lot of information out there. Hold on to what’s important to You. Job Center’s Intelligent Archive feature lets administrators choose when logs are captured, how much data to keep and for how long. Need to push results out to your corporate IT data lake? Job Center data is already staged and ready to go!

  • Configure monitors to run every time or only when they are needed
  • Set your own limits for how long monitors should be stored
  • Pre-determine which monitors to archive and which ones to purge

Inbound Messaging

Surface issues with integrations and external systems

Knock, knock. Data is at the Door. When inbound integrations experience failures, the results are reported to the integration platform, not to you. Job Center APIs allow middleware and 3rd Party systems to report those failures back to Salesforce, so developers and users know about data issues right away (instead of discovering them in a report next week).

  • Use Job Center APIs to log events from outside systems
  • Notify users or admins of integration issues that could impact Salesforce data
  • Send confirmation of the completion of third-party processes

Real-Time Notifications

Escalate process outcomes to anyone, across multiple channel

Don’t wait until people are already upset. Be the first to know. Job Center escalates completion updates, warnings, and errors to anyone, as soon as they happen, along with all the details needed to take action.

  • Escalate to the Salesforce Users or Contacts through customized emails or in-app notifications
  • Configure notifications to fire on success, warning, and/or error
  • Attach monitor log files to notification emails for quick and easy viewing, without logging in

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“Before Job Center, everything came through my team. Now, super users can triage employee issues and solve many of them without creating IT tickets.”

Director, Enterprise Architecture
National Field Service Organization

“Thank you, Job Center. This level of information is incredible!”

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Midwest Community College

“Job Center is my secret weapon for reviewing user support tickets. If a record or process result looks out of place, I use Job Center to find out why.”

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